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Riddles in the Dark is a rock band from Istanbul, founded by lead singer/guitarist Gündoğdu Akın, joined with Berk Tekelioğlu, Atakan Ertekin and Kaan Yurdakul.


Started as a solo project in 2017 Gündoğdu Akın wrote, performed all the instruments and vocals, recorded, mixed/mastered, produced and published 4 songs “Fall From Grace, The Eclipse, The Eclipse Acoustic Version, an older version of Better Days (which was joined by Manuel Aydın as Bass Player) and Eventide” until later in 2018 he was joined by Berk Tekelioğlu on Drums, Atakan Ertekin on Bass Guitar and in 2019 Kaan Yurdakul on Guitars and Vocals.


Riddles in the Dark’s music is inspired by subjects like corruption, injustice, exploitation of religion, world politics, war, death, drugs, searching of the self and coming to grips with reality. The band would like to refer to their sound as “Radio Friendly Progressive Rock”. The band’s sound varies from orchestral rock to hard rock time to time, experiments with new ways of writing but mainly keeps the rock sound as a base.


Currently the whole band lives in Istanbul, except the Lead Guitarist/Back Vocals Kaan Yurdakul who now resides in London.